DiscoverPreeminence133 - Do You Even Have People
133 - Do You Even Have People

133 - Do You Even Have People

Update: 2019-05-01


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Big oops everyone. Traveling and I clicked Save and not publish now! Anyway, here we are!

If you're going at it all alone still, you're wasting a heap of time. This simple exercise will help you get far more done, and focus on the things you enjoy.

Get yourself a piece of paper and draw a vertical line to bisect the page. Toward the top, cross it with a horizontal line.

On the Top Left:
Things I do NOT Enjoy
Things I am NOT Good At

On the Top Right:
Things I DO Enjoy
Things I AM Good At

Go ahead and list all that you do and put them in one camp or the other. List the things you believe you SHOULD be completing too (facebook ads, livestreams, PODCAST, new graphics, daily memes, etc.).

Determine what actually NEEDS to be done and what you are doing now doesn't need to be done. The things that need to be done that you don't enjoy nor are you good at circle. You'll notice some of those things listed on the left side still need to be done by you (at least for now).

There's more details in the podcast so take a listen and complete this fun exercise that very well COULD just revolutionize your business.

If you have questions you would like to have answered, email me at and share your question, I may mention it in an upcoming episode.

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133 - Do You Even Have People

133 - Do You Even Have People

Matthew J Peters