DiscoverPreeminence148 - Always Sell Your Best
148 - Always Sell Your Best

148 - Always Sell Your Best

Update: 2019-09-23


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Always Sell Your Best and Deliver On It!

It doesn’t matter if you are selling something for $100 or $50,000; always provide your very best at that level.

Set clear expectations with your clients and customers.

Ask your clients why they bought from you or what they hope to get out of working with you; you'll be surprised as to what they tell you. Take note of what they say and if they are an ideal client (the type of person you would like to serve even more of), use what they tell you in your communication and marketing.

Selling your best is maintaining quality control.

As a business owner, you have three jobs:
- communicating your value
- controlling the quality of your client’s experience
- growing the revenue and increasing the profit

Your reputation is determined by the lowest level of quality you are willing to provide.

If you are stellar at one thing, but mediocre at the other, either elevate the quality of the one by making a key hire, buy a system or just stop offering it.

It’s okay for you to not do everything and to not offer everything - focus on your best and get to be known as a specialist.

There are new things we’re doing now that I had to research to find out what best practices are and implement them, shift it a bit, get feedback from the client and keep on improving on our delivery.

Where you see your competition playing at a level 6-7 out of 10, go for 11, 12 or 13. No one is there AND... successful, high-income earners and high net worth individuals are looking for luxury service and not shopping for bargain prices.

Whenever someone hires you to do work FOR them, they know that you are representing them.
They want to be able to trust the people they hire to raise their status in their industry or serve their relationship with their significant other or their kids. They want that ideal body and they want to hire the person who will get them that body quickly and with the least amount of busywork.
Offering your best attracts the best and most committed - because you are attracting WHO YOU ARE.

If you are ready to move to the next level and work yourself out of another job that takes you hours a week and is not in your place of passion, (like producing your podcast, shooting and editing your videos, creating your landing pages, or publishing your book) reach out to me and save yourself days, weeks or months of your life struggling to figure it out and get back to focusing on your area of mastery.

Or if you have questions you would like to have answered, email me at and share your question, I may mention it in an upcoming episode.

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148 - Always Sell Your Best

148 - Always Sell Your Best

Matthew J Peters