DiscoverPreeminence144 - The Hospital Bed Strategy
144 - The Hospital Bed Strategy

144 - The Hospital Bed Strategy

Update: 2019-08-26


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CRASH! I flew over the handlebars and the full weight and force of my body at about 20 miles per hour landed onto my face and my neck. I did a summersault on to the blacktop road and smashed the left side of my face, biting through my upper lip. How would I go back on camera the next day?

Once I got to the hospital, I began to wonder, "What if I would not have made it after the crash?" or "What if I would have been stuck in the hospital for weeks - what would happen to my family, my clients and my business?"

THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I talk so much about systems and hiring people.

If you are still a solopreneur, this is not a badge of honor, you have literally employed yourself. Congratulations, you gave yourself a job!

Start thinking today of all of the repetitive tasks you do in helping your clients or customers and begin creating documents or project templates of your processes. Once you do that, take off the training wheels and hire some people. There are millions of people out there looking for work and they are a hell of a lot better at doing those things that are not your one thing than you.

Give the gift of giving people jobs and you will open up the world to them and open your business to the world. Right now you've got a tiny capacity to serve and be productive with your time.

Get out there and start handing off work - and as my coach Jon Stuart says, work myself out of a job - hand it off and move up a notch to your next level.

Many of you are attempting to be a media producer - spending hours learning technical software, creating graphics, editing your videos, making your website, landing pages, publishing your book on your own, learning everything yourself so you can save some money. NOT WASTING MONEY IS GREAT, but you will never save your way to success.

Hire professionals to do the stuff that is not your ONE THING and become excellent at communicating your value to more people in the world, serving the people who hire you to the very best of your ability and DELEGATE every task to qualified people.

You don't have to even hire full or part-time employees, you can start with projects then re-hire trusted people as needed.

If you are ready to move to the next level and work yourself out of another job, like producing your podcast, shooting and editing your videos, creating your landing pages, or publishing your book, reach out to me and save yourself days of your life so you can get back to focusing on your area of mastery.

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144 - The Hospital Bed Strategy

144 - The Hospital Bed Strategy

Matthew J Peters