DiscoverPreeminence149 - Your Excuse is Your Payment
149 - Your Excuse is Your Payment

149 - Your Excuse is Your Payment

Update: 2019-10-01


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You either get your excuse or the reward, you cannot have both.

Most people will tell their friends that they would be 5 kilos lighter, $10,000 more in the bank every month, they'd be happier, more connected with God

If it weren't for my...

[cue excuse]

Health problem
Financial situation
Cultural background
Sick dog
Skin color
Country of origin
Abuser 30 years ago
Mother hugged me too much
Father didn't hug me enough...

On and on and on.

When we get the attention for the excuse, we are paid.
When we kill our excuses, we are paid commensurate with the work put in to overcome all challenges.

Most people like to give more attention to the hurdle rather than the goal and speaking as if they are about to make it to the goal, that they are almost there, that they can taste it.

The energy is completely different for those who focus on the prize rather than the challenge.

So, the lesson I am learning is to focus on the goal, to not shine a spotlight on the challenges, not to give the problems center stage of our lives or attention - you can share that all in hindsight once you reach the summit, tell those hiking up what you encountered, what to do about it and what the view from the top looks like.

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149 - Your Excuse is Your Payment

149 - Your Excuse is Your Payment

Matthew J Peters