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147 - Get Off The Hamster Wheel

147 - Get Off The Hamster Wheel

Update: 2019-09-17


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Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and wantrepreneurs... have you ever taken the time to calculate what it will take for you to get free? Are you making $1,000, $5,000 even $10,000 a month and you think that someday, you'll magically get free?

Or, you pull-off a decent product launch and after taxes and commission splits, you've got $100,000 in your pocket. Fantastic! Now what? Are you going to spend it on toys and upgrades like I did or are you going to invest it into growing an actual business that keeps paying you long enough to buy investments that keep paying you?

In Episode #147 I talk about getting off the hamster wheel. Really start thinking about how you are going to start building a business that takes care of you and your loved ones in the long run.

Grant Cardone recently stated that what people don't talk about is that $1,000,000 is middle class. You make $50,000 a year for 20 years, there is your million dollars. If you have a million dollars in the bank today and you just spent $50,000 a year on living expenses, that's 20 years and you'll be back at zero.

BUT, you're not thinking about making a million dollars; you're thinking about rent or mortgage this month, doing things you don't want to do and serving people you don't really want to serve because you "have to." If you're thinking about your short term and just getting by, you'll never leave that space.

You need a massive mind shift. The first time I did this, I went from making an average of $2,000/mo selling $197 products and giving away my magic to friends, family and even strangers - to a few months later having my first six-figure month.

So... The best thing you can do right now is set a big goal. One so big that it scares you.

If you're making $2k a month like I was, why not make a goal for $50,000 or $100,000 a month?

Probably because
a. You don't believe you can
b. You don't think you're worth it
c. You don't know how

Travis Jones talks about having a goal so big and so exciting to you that it wakes you up at 5am and you can't wait to get back to it. If you're hitting the snooze bar one or more times in the morning, chances are that your goal isn't big enough. If it doesn't excite you, don't expect others to ever get excited about it either.

The million dollars is a nice goal, but I would rather see you set a monthly consistent goal; one that is a stretch and excites you, where the money is a bi-product of the tremendous value YOU COMMUNICATE CLEARLY and DELIVER FULLY.

My friend, I am adamant about you building a business beyond 1-1 clients or small group coaching. There is a lure of not having to work hard, but it will take hard work to create the business that will end up working for you in the long run.

More times than not, the thing you want to avoid is the very thing you're going to have to do in the short term to get to that goal.

There has to be a plan in place to create a real business with systems and teams and marketing strategies with campaigns and measurable metrics.

Get after it! Start doing some revenue and expenses projections. Figure out what it will take for you to replace yourself from key tasks and hire people to create a real business that functions and grows without your moment-by-moment involvement.

If you are ready to move to the next level and work yourself out of another job that takes you hours a week and is not in your place of passion, (like producing your podcast, shooting and editing your videos, creating your landing pages, or publishing your book) reach out to me and save yourself days, weeks or months of your life struggling to figure it out and get back to focusing on your area of mastery.

If you have questions you would like to have answered, email me at and share your question, I may mention it in an upcoming episode.

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147 - Get Off The Hamster Wheel

147 - Get Off The Hamster Wheel

Matthew J Peters