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Genuine, Quiet, Hard Working Australians

Genuine, Quiet, Hard Working Australians

Update: 2019-12-071


Lengthers, Genuine, Quiet, Hard Working Australians; roll up your sleeves, put on your bib and dig in to the final feast of the year! 

Jeff Fenech's brain will be donated to science and boy oh boy are the possible learnings limitless. Following the Marrickville Maulers lead, brains should be compulsorily acquirable by the newly established National Brain Register, whose research focus on two main categories: Badly Damaged Brains, and Brains of Extraordinary Achievement, with Fenech's brain belonging to the former, and Jim Molan's belonging to the latter. Science.

y = k/x - Brains Warner’s law of Inverse Proportions. The more runs David ‘Brains’ Warner makes, the less we seem to like him. Go figure. Scores of 300-plus used to be applauded, but Brains is busy swatting off criticisms amid a smattering of applause. 

The soul of Australian Boxing has been tickled, warmed, nourished. Genuine, quiet, hard-working Australians just want to feel good and nothing makes us feel better than watching two blokes put their dukes up in the ring. Tim Tzsyu, all soul. Justin Hodges? Somewhat less soul, but points for trying. 

What next for Israel Folau? A stint in supercars? A night at the speedway? Formula 1? Where is there the most money to be made? The Sport of Court paid handsomely, but what next? Roy’s theory could be on the money...

The AFL has been universally whacked for relentlessly tinkering with the rules. The NRL has closely observed the AFL’s experience and, in a stroke of ‘genius’, has decided to do exactly the same thing. New season, new rules, new ways to complain about the refereeing? After all, it’s all about the fans and the fans like bagging the refs more than they like watching the game. 

ScoMo is draining the swamp by merging government departments and the newly combined super departments are a little surprising. Here’s a question: why isn’t there a minister for Rugby League? A perfect opportunity for Big Mal to re-enter politics. Genuine, Quiet, Hard Working Australians who love Rugby League and vote. 

Thanks for tuning in, writing in, downloading and sharing Just Short of a Length with Roy and HG in 2019! Have a Merry Christmas and we’ll be coming in from the long run again in 2020!









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Genuine, Quiet, Hard Working Australians

Genuine, Quiet, Hard Working Australians

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