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The Ring of Power and Influence

The Ring of Power and Influence

Update: 2019-08-171


When the player’s simply aren’t performing to the required controversy levels expected by the NRL, administrators are left with no choice but to step in and fill the void. A $15k ring undoubtedly topped by a sorcerer's football shaped diamond to which all referees and officials come under immediate control - exactly what Doctor Greenberg prescribed.

Contrary to popular belief though, the controversy lies not in why Barb Smith deserved such gift but why the extended Smith family weren’t recognised and showered with gifts for their service and sacrifices as well.

It’s no wonder the NRL has ploughed through 50 club bosses in five years and the question must be asked: where will the game’s next generation of fumbling bosses come from if kids desire only to be mere professional players?

Elsewhere, the Bledisloe Cup decider is set to be the mother of all pressure cookers with Eden Park to become a couldron of hate. But if the Wallabies aren’t pulling splinters out of their backside and needing to relieve themselves on the field, can we draw any conclusion other than the Kiwi’s have all-together abandoned the national religion.

Nick Kyrgios certainly understands the simple principle of added entertainment in sport and adding value for dollar. He just needs to lose the silly notion of moving his antics behind closed doors.

Roy has some key advice for David Warner - one simple word starting with ‘R’ and ending with ‘U-N-S’.

And finally, the boys are proud to announce the newest addition to the Spring Racing calendar - The Trump Cup. 

Come Jumbo Ozaki, come Hole in One, come In The Rough and come Niklaus, any horse birthed in ode to the great game of golf is invited to compete for the most prestigious of awards - a cut glass figure of the greatest President to have ever lived or been dreamt of.

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The Ring of Power and Influence

The Ring of Power and Influence

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