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The Noodle, The Stool & The Arm

The Noodle, The Stool & The Arm

Update: 2019-11-091


Fresh off Vow and Declare’s huge Melbourne Cup victory for quiet Australia, the question must surely be asked: is it time for a horse to receive the Anzac Medal?

It was a win sorely needed for Australia after the Kangaroos shock loss to Tonga which has had major domestic and international geopolitical implications. China must surely now see that if they want to be taken seriously in the Pacific, entering the realm of International Rugby League is a must.

Domestically, we have far bigger concerns though as it is clear to the boys that the Kangaroos have tragically lost ‘the feel’. Do we need an enquiry? A royal commission perhaps. If so, it’ll need to be headed by someone removed from the game. Someone with suitable expertise to investigate exactly where we lost ‘the feel’ and how we can get it back.

The boys then turn their focus to racing, that of the motor variety to start and we have just one question: who on earth put a microphone in front of Max Vertsappen?

In the horse variety, does anyone know if Frankie Dettori has ever actually won anything or is his continual inclusion in the Melbourne Cup and other major race the work of dark forces that need to be investigated by The Horse Force?

The countdown continues to the Clash of The Codes between Barry ‘Noodles’ Hall and Paul ‘The Stool’ Gallen. But considering the fight is to be held in Margaret Court arena, we feel the great lady herself should somehow be involved in the evening. 

Peter V’Landys says there’s buckets of money for the NRL to tap into to spruce up suburban grounds, develop regional rugby league and expand the competition with new clubs. But one of our loyal Lengthers who resides in ‘The Malabar Mansion’ thinks that money should go into establishing a National Correctional Facilities Competition. We think he might be onto something but the boys think we should go bigger and take the proposed comp international.

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The Noodle, The Stool & The Arm

The Noodle, The Stool & The Arm

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