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3 Things To Look For In A Headset Microphone

3 Things To Look For In A Headset Microphone

Update: 2022-10-26


In this episode of the Headset Advisor Tech Review Podcast, you'll find out what to look for in a headset microphone when you're shopping around for new headsets. Because the truth is, they don't all sound  the same,  and they don't  all  give you what you need for use in business.

So have a  listen, to find out the three most  important  things to look for in a headset microphone if you want to sound your best, and give your callers the best possible sound quality experience.

This  episode is narrated by Doug Merritt, Founder and CEO of  Headset  Advisor.

Any headset that you might consider for business use varies. They vary in a number of ways, and one of those ways is in  how it sounds. And you have to agree, that when you use a headset for buisness,  sound matters. That's because you're either conveying information, or you're selling something, and in the process, you want your message to be heard. And that can't happen if the headset you're using isn't up to the task.

Headset microphones should be evaluated in three key areas;

  1.  How well you sound when you're talking on a headset
  2.  How well the headset microphone removes background noise.
  3.  And often overlooked, but highly important  is  how you sound when the microphone is working to remove noise. In other words, how you sound when there's  noise  going on around you.

Headsets come in all sizes and shapes, and for that matter, different price points  too. Sound quality doesn't always mirror pricing which means just because you pay a lot, or a little for a headset, the sound you'll get is unpredicatable. We've tested some inexpensive headsets that do a good job at these three key areas. We've also tested headsets that cost a lot more, that are average at best in sound quality.

So how do you know what you'll get when you make a decision to buy a new headset for you, or your team? You can't go by name brands only, becasue as I mentioned, some fall short, even name brand products.

With nearly 30 years of headset experience, it would be my advice for you to try a headset in your place of work before deciding to buy it. Then, and only then will you really know how it will perform in your specfic workplace.

You could consult with others in your industry, or you could read reviews, but there's  really no substitute for first hand knowledge that can only be obtained by sampling live in your environment. And if your vendor won't provide you with a  headset to evaluate, then I'd suggest that you find yourself a new vendor to work with.

You want to sound crisp and clear on your calls, and that underscores the need for a great sounding headset microphone.

You don't want  your callers  hearing all that noise going on around you either. Whether you work from home, in an office, on the road, or at the local coffee shop, you have noise  to content  with. When your callers  hear that noise, they get distracted, which takes them away from hearing your message clearly.

Believe it or not, many headsets struggle to keep you sounding clear when there's  background noise. That's  something you want to test before buying any headset. Some headsets have you sounding choppy or garbled when there's  noise. Not the sound quality you need when on business calls.

If you have questions, or need some  help, reach out to us at www.headsetadvisorcom. And if you're looking for headsets, make  sure to use coupon code  BLOG at checkout for a nice discount. We have bulk pricing available, a trade in program,  and even a headset lease plan that includes accessories, and a warranty that doesn't  expire. Headsets start at just $2.00 per month.









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3 Things To Look For In A Headset Microphone

3 Things To Look For In A Headset Microphone

Doug Merritt