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Best Walkie Talkie App for iPhones And Android Smartphones (Microsoft Teams)

Best Walkie Talkie App for iPhones And Android Smartphones (Microsoft Teams)

Update: 2022-10-06


In this episode of the Headset Advisor Tech Review Podcast, you'll find out about a well kept secret of an App that's buried within Microsoft Teams. This App transforms your mobile phone of choice; iOS orAndroid, into a full blown walkie talkie.

Unlike your traditional walkie talkie, using this App gives you the ability to talk globally, rather than locally. Make sure to listen to find out the details including what's required to get things going.

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This episode is narrated by the Founder, and CEO of Headset Advisor, Doug Merritt.

We're all  familiar with walkie talkies. Some of us had them as toys when we were kids. Others have used them when on camping trips, and still others have used them in a commercial setting, like working in a warehouse for example.

But the look, feel, and overall function has changed, and for the better, with a little known App found within Microsoft Teams. This is a Walkie Talkie feature, and it's permissions based, and it does require that your IT Administrator add it to Microsoft Teams. The by the way, this App  is free.

So what's required to use it?

  1. Microsoft Teams
  2. An Android, or iOS mobile phone
  3. One of two BlueParrott wireless headsets, the BP C300 XT (Microsoft version), or the BlueParrott B450 XT.

Once you've activated this App, you can establish a contact group within a channel. Opening it up, once established, and you can see who's active. To communicate witi them, simply press and hold the BlueParrott button on the headset. That opens up the channel for you to communicate with your team.

So, wherever you have an internet connection, you're able to use this feature.  It eliminates the need to carry an extra device (walkie talkie), and gives you another way to use your Bluetooth headset.

No more range limitations either because whether your team is local, or spread across the globe, they're all a BlueParrott button press away. So if you want to enhance your level of communcations with your team, this is an App that you should be aware of, and use if it makes sense for your organization.

To learn more about this Teams feaature, or to get your headset questions answered, just reach out to us here at Headset Advisor for some old fashioned, one-on-one customer service. One of our knowledgeable Advisors would be happy to help, and the help is free, just like it's been since I started the company back in 1994.

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Thanks for checking out this Podcast, and do let us know if we can help in any way.









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Best Walkie Talkie App for iPhones And Android Smartphones (Microsoft Teams)

Best Walkie Talkie App for iPhones And Android Smartphones (Microsoft Teams)

Doug Merritt