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Jabra Engage + Software - Find Out About This Very Cool Software Here!

Jabra Engage + Software - Find Out About This Very Cool Software Here!

Update: 2022-10-05


In this episode of the Headset Advisor Tech Review Podcast, you'll find out about some brand new  software that was recently released by Jabra. I'm referring to the new Engage + software for headset users, and headset environments.

I don't want you thinking that this software is just like all  the others, because its not. It actually focuses on different things compared to your typical headset software application. So have a listen if you'd like to find out what this  software is all about, and what it can do for you.

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This episode is narrated by Doug Merritt, Founder and CEO of Headset Advisor.

Headset software is something relatively new for use with managing business headsets. And, most software that's available is designed to do things like perform firmware updates, or for making adjustments to headsets for things like sidetone, audio preferences, ringer details and more. 

And though the software in this Podcast is about headsets, it really isn't designed to do the things common to other headset software programs. Instead, this software deals with environmental things, as well as Call Center Agent responses to callers among other things.

I'm referring to the new Jabra Engage + software. 

If you manage a group that spends a lot of  time on the phone, such as in a Contact Center, then this is some software that you really need to know about. Here's what you need to know.

First, you need to use one of these models of headsets:

  1. Jabra Engage 50 II
  2. Jabra Engage 40

Why? Because these are the only headsets currently that contain firmware embedded into the microphone boom  that interacts with the software. I'm sure other models will become available  soon.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you're allowed to download software, because some organizations don't allow it. So, check with your IT Department to make sure it's allowable.

Here's a quick snapshot of what this software does:

1. Lets you know when your microphone boom is incorrectly postioned/located. This is to help avoid having poor audio quality.

2. You can set the decibel level for your work environment, and when noise exceeds that, you'll  get an alert about noise reaching that level. You can then decide the best way to handle that.

3. The software can also keep track of how often you interrupt your callers. The truth is, callers don't like to be interrupted. It can be frustrating, and make them feel like what they have to say is unimportant. Plus, the Agent may miss out on important information.

4. The Engage + software even tracks how long you're silent, and how often. Most of us have had the experience of being on a call,  and  the person we're  talking to goes silent for an awkward amount of time that prompts us to ask if they're still on the line.

5. If you try talking while your microphone is muted, you'll get notified right away.  No more giving your best presentation segment only to find out that nobody heard you due to your mic being muted.

These are only some of what  this new software can do. To  me,  if you're a Manager of a team who spends their day talking to customers, this is software that can really make a difference. It's free to download, and it has some features that can help to give your customers a better call experience, and help to make your Agents more productive.

Have questions, or need some help?  Reach out to us at Headset Advisor, and we'll  be happy to assist.









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Jabra Engage + Software - Find Out About This Very Cool Software Here!

Jabra Engage + Software - Find Out About This Very Cool Software Here!

Doug Merritt