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Jabra Engage 40 - New Era Of Call Center Headsets

Jabra Engage 40 - New Era Of Call Center Headsets

Update: 2022-11-16


In this episode you'll find out about a new wired USB headset by Jabra. You'll find out what makes this headset among the very best for those who rely on a headset throughout the workday.

Like many things, not all headsets are the same. In this episode you'll learn what makes this new headset worth your time to check out. You'll also find out how you can save some serious money if you plan on buying one.

This episode is narrated by Doug Merritt, Founder and CEO of Headset Advisor.

If you spend a large amount of  time on the phone and you use a headset,  you can appreciate a headset that's lightweight and comfortable, and one that gives you superb sound quality.

Not all headsets available today can deliver in these categories:

  • Comfort
  • Great voice audio quality
  • Excellent background noise reduction
  • Great voice quality, when background noise is present

When you read descriptive information about different headsets, you'll typically come across something that states how good the headset sounds, and it's ability to remove noise. But, just because that's  something that's said, that doesn't mean it's entirely true. After all, sound quality is a bit subjective, though the degree to which a headset can remove background noise is pretty easy to determine.

The new Jabra Engage 40 is a wired, USB headset that comes in these configurations;

- single ear, without an inline controller
- single ear, with a controller
- double ear without controller
- double ear with an inline controller

You can also get these headsets that are optimized for Microsoft Teams, or the standard UC version.

So what makes the new Jabra Engage 40 a must have headset?

To me, it's two key things;

  1.  Weight
  2.  Sound quality & noise reduction

This thing weighs only 2 ounces in the mono configuration, the same as two standard sized envelopes. So if you can imagine the weight of two of these envelopes resting on the  top of your head, you'll get a sense of appreciation of just how light this headset is.

So why does that matter?  Well, if you wear a headset all day, such as an Agent in a busy Contact Center, then how much a headset weighs is very important.  So my main point number one is weight, because this thing is light.

The second point is sound quality. The Jabra Engage 40 sounds fantastic. It clearly sounds every bit as good than any business grade headset, at any price point.  And that's  saying something really.

Next is noise reduction. We put it up against office sounds, dogs barking, and our signature blender test. It  passed with flying colors in all  of these tests. It did a superb job at removing those noises. So, if you work from home, or in a busy office with noisy coworkers, then the Engage 40 would be a great headset for you  to consider if you don't want your callers hearing all the noise around you.

Your voice quality remains solid even when noise is present. That's somethng many headsets can't make claim to. Another example of superior audio with the Engage 40.

In terms of pricing, it varies by model from $179.00, to $239.00. But, if you want a better price, make sure to use coupon code  BLOG when checking out on our website which is

You can save more if you trade in your old headsets.

We also offer a very affordable monthly headset lease program with headsets starting at just $2.00 per month, and it includes replacement accessories, and a warranty that doesn't expire.

So, to learn more about any of our programs, to get answers to your questions, or to receive a tailored, compatible product solution contact us here.









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Jabra Engage 40 - New Era Of Call Center Headsets

Jabra Engage 40 - New Era Of Call Center Headsets

Doug Merritt