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Jabra Evolve2 65 Vs Evolve2 75 Comparison

Jabra Evolve2 65 Vs Evolve2 75 Comparison

Update: 2022-11-10


Have a listen to this Podcast to learn about how two highly popular Jabra Bluetooth headsets compare; the Jabra Evolve2 65 vs. the Evolve2 75.

There are differences that go beyond the price, so have a listen to find out what they have in common, and what  makes them different.

And if you listen to the entire episode, you'll get some tips on how you can save money when purchasing either, or both of these models. Even if your budget is tight, I let you know of a way that can allow you to provide new headsets to your team for far less than you can imagine.

This episode is narrated by Doug Merritt, Founder and CEO of Headset Advisor.

Bluetooth headsets are very popular in part due to the increased use of computers for carrying out our daily business communications.

We've all heard of applications like Microsoft Teams,  Zoom,  RingCentral, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet and the list  goes on. One thing in  common with all of these applications is headsets are typically used. So, when you want to communicate with coworkers or customers, having a great sounding, comfortable, reliable  headset is highly important. And that's where the Evolve2 65, and Evolve2 75 comes in.

Battery. Battery strength can be broken down into these categories; talk time, listening time and recharge time. So, let's take a quick look at that.

Evolve2 65 Listening time: Up to 37 hours
Evolve2 75 Listening time: Up to 36 hours (w/o ANC on) 33 hours if ANC is on

Evolve2 65 35 hours talk time (w/o busy light on), 24 if on
Evolve2 75  24 hours (w/o busy light on), 18 if on

To Recharge: Evolve2 65 takes 90 minutes. The Evolve2 75 takes 160 minutes

30 minutes on the charger gives the Evolve2 65 40% charge. After 35 minutes on the charger the Evolve2 75 gives you only 30%. After an hour on  the charger, the 65 gives you 80%, and after an hour and 10 minutes, the 75 gives you 60%. (Advantage Evolve2 65)

By the way, both headsets allow you to continue using them even when they're plugged in for recharging. This is something that you don't find on all headsets.

Microphones. The Evolve2 65 has three digital MEMS noise canceling mics, whereas the 75 has 8 (4 digital, 4 analog). Four of the mics are used for the Active Noise  Cancelation  feature, and HearThrough that's found on the Evolve2 75, but not on  the 65. The bottom line when it comes to mics though is sound quality; how they sound, and how well they reduce unwanted noise. Sound quality is subjective, but I prefer the sound and noise reduction on the Evolve2 65.

ANC/HearThrough. These are features found on the 75, and not on  the 65. Active noise  cancelation allows the person wearing the headset to not be distracted by background noise. ANC is an "anti-noise" feature that allows you to stay focused. HearThrough lets you keep the headset on when you want to have a face to face conversation. No need to take it off.

Speakers. Both headsets share the same 40mm speakers. For business grade headsets, they both sound very good. Not Bose or Sony level, but superb for a business oriented headset.

Wireless range. Both headsets are rated up to 30 meters/100 feet. Standard for Bluetooth headsetes these days.

Weight. The mono 65 is in the 3 ounce category, whereas the duo headsets (65 & 75) are in the 6. Standard weight for these kinds of headsets.

Price. Evolve 2 65 mono: $263.00, duo: $274.00. Evolve2 75 duo:  $384.00
2 year warranty

Use coupon code BLOG to get a better price.  Trade in old headsets to save even more. If the budget is tight, we have an affordable headset lease program starting at $2.00/mo. Questions:









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Jabra Evolve2 65 Vs Evolve2 75 Comparison

Jabra Evolve2 65 Vs Evolve2 75 Comparison

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