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Jabra Perform 45 Bluetooth Headset Review

Jabra Perform 45 Bluetooth Headset Review

Update: 2023-01-21


Welcome to this episode of the Headset Advisor Tech Review Podcast, where you'll find out what makes the new Jabra Perform 45 and unique, and more convenient alternative to using a standard walkie talkie.

When you listen, you'll find out the details on its greater wireless range, a good idea as to how much it weighs (which isn't much),  how much battery life you'll get, and of course how much it costs because everyone wants to know that. And if you listen to the end, you'll get a couple of ideas on how you can score discounts.

This episode is narrated by Doug Merritt, the Foundere and  CEO of Headset Advisor.

If you work in a retail shop, or in a busy warehouse, chances are, there's  internal, two way communications taking  place. Odds are, that communication is being done through the use of a walkie talkie, or something similar to that. Even though walkie talkies have been used for decades, there are some downsides to using them. Among them include their single purpose design. They're not designed, for example, to be used with phone communications, only direct, two way communications. 

The other thing is they can be cumbersome to pack around. Some  walkie talkies are heavy, and  they can be misplaced easily. And if that weren't enough, they typically require you to hold it, which leaves only one hand free to do other things.  Fortunately, Jabra has come up with a very attractive alternative in the new Jabra Perform 45 headset.

Rather than lugging a walkie talkie around, you can replace that with a tastefully designed, lightweight, great sounding headset.

The Jabra Perform 45 weighs about the same as half the weight of a typical  household lightbulb. Or, the same as about three tablespoons of your favorite morning coffee. When you look at it in those terms, you have to agree, that's light, and being lightweight means a lot when it comes to wearing a headset.

You can not only keep in touch with your coworkers at the press of a button, but you can walk and talk up to 300 feet. Other Bluetooth headsets stop at a maximum distance of 100 feet. More range means a wider footprint for you to move around your workspace.

If you don't use two way communicatins, you can download the Jabra Direct software and the walkie button can be repurposed for other commonly used features such as speed dial, mute and more.

We tested the microphone for voice sound quality, and noise reduction. It excelled in both areas. We tested its ability to remove noise against the sounds  of:

  • Office noise
  • Dogs barking
  • Babies crying
  • And our personal favorite, the noisy Vitamix blender test

Jabra states that the Perform 45 removes up to 80% of background  noise. Based on our tests, I'd agree. It did a great job to remove all the different noises we threw at it.

Noise reduction aside, it also sounded very crisp, clear and professional. The microphone raises up to mute when you're on a call, and it turns off coworker two way chatter when you're needing to help someone face-to-face, which Jabra calls Face2Face mode.

In terms of talk time, you get 8 hours of battery life when using the Perform  45 for business call, and up to 20 hours for your two way communications. Recharging the battery takes about 140 minutes.

The price is very agreeable for the quality of this product at $149.99. But, if you'd like to get a discount, make sure to use coupon code BLOG when checking out on our website, which is

If you're  looking for a quantity of headsets, make sure to contact us for bulk pricing.









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Jabra Perform 45 Bluetooth Headset Review

Jabra Perform 45 Bluetooth Headset Review

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