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Audeze Filter - Epic Noise Canceling Speakerphone

Audeze Filter - Epic Noise Canceling Speakerphone

Update: 2022-10-19


In this episode of the Hedset Advisor  Tech Review  Podcast, you'll find out the details  on a brand new, very small, portable speakerphone by Audeze. Audeze is more known for producing high quality gaming  products, but this  speakerphone represents  their entry into the business products space.

Find out how the speakers, and microphone sounds, as well as whether or not  it can reduce background noise well. And getting to the bottom line, whether or not  this is a device you can confidently use on your important business calls.

So have a listen to find out the details, and you'll also find out how much it costs, and a way to get a better price. 

This isn't a speakerphone like all the others.  Listen to find out how it's different.

This episode is narrated by the Founder, and CEO of  Headset Advisor, Doug Merritt

Every now and then something new comes along that's different from other products in its class. In this Podcast you'll get introduced to one of those mold breaking products in the new Audeze Filter Bluetooth speakerphone.

So what makes this any different from those  that have come before it?  Fair question to be sure, and one that deserves clarity.

I'd say the differentiation is in these categories:

  1. Speakers
  2. Microphone
  3. Connectivity
  4. Size

Starting with speakers. The speakers on the  Audeze Filter aren't designed to give you great fidelity when listening to music.  You might be scratching your head right about now. But, I do have to say that the Audeze is specifically designed to give you impressive clarity of speech, even at high volume levels.

A lot of audio devices tend to distort at higher volume settings, but that isn't what you'll get with this speakerphone. The spoken  word is meant to be heard on this device at any volume setting, which is good if hearing the details of your callers is important.

Secondly, is the microphone. This Ai noise canceling microphone was trained to recognize, and eliminate 500,000 different sounds. So whether you have noisy coworkers, or a chirpy favorite family pet, chances are high that the  Audeze will remove those sounds.

You can also select narrow, medium or wide microphone coverage. When working alone, set it for narrow so all the microphone resources are aimed at you. Add others to your call, and the mic coverage area would need to be widened. This keeps your call  participants being heard, while  sounds outside of  that area, not heard. You choose, and you select your field of coverage from 70 to 360 degrees.

In terms of connectivity, this thing connects to just about everything, and it can do so wirelessly via Bluetooth, you can plug in the USB C cable that's  included. Even if your computer uses USB  A ports, the Audeze comes  with a USB C  to USB A adapter. So either way, you're covered.

It works  with Android or iPhones, Windows or MacOS, and all the leading UC platforms like Teams,  Zoom, RingCentral, WebEx, Meet and more.

And the size is shockingly small.  When compared to an iPhone, it's about the exact size which makes it by speakerphone standards, very small. That means  you can easily pop it into a pocket, or purse for easy mobility. Bring it to the office, use it aat home, or even on the  go. However you work, this device is by your side ready to get going.

The price of theAudeze Filter is $249.00. But, if you'd like  a better price, and who doesn't, then make  sure to use  coupon code BLOG when checking out on our website, which is









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Audeze Filter - Epic Noise Canceling Speakerphone

Audeze Filter - Epic Noise Canceling Speakerphone

Doug Merritt