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5 Reasons Why The Discover Adapt 30 Is A Perfect Headset For The Contact Center

5 Reasons Why The Discover Adapt 30 Is A Perfect Headset For The Contact Center

Update: 2022-10-22


In this  episode  of the Headset  Advisor Tech Review  Podcast, you'll learn about a wireless headset that's perfect for use in a Contact Center.

You'll find out what this headset can do that others cannot, and why that unique ability is helpful to Agents, and  to Center Managers too.

It's  not often that you come across a headset that breaks out of  the tradional mold, but  this is  one wireless headset that does. So  make sure to  listen to the entire episode so you can find out what set this headset apart from all the others.

This  episode is narrated by the Founder and CEO of Headset  Advisor, Doug Merritt

Every once in awhile something new comes along that breaks out of the mold or ordinary, or traditional.  In this Podcast, you'll find out about one such product in the Discover Adapt 30 Bluetooth wireless headset, and what makes it a headset like no other.

Let's start with how this headset can be worn. As you know, when you select a headset, that's the wearing style you get unless you pay to replace it for another. The Discover Adapt 30 can be worn over the head covering one ear, or, you can change it over to a dual ear wearing style. That's because this headset is modular, and it comes with both headbands.

And worth noting is the dual headband contains two live,  active ear speakers, and not one that shares sound from one  live speaker to a second, dead one. So, you get true binaural sound.

Having this flexibility is useful because sometimes you want to hear what's going on around you, in  which case, you'd snap on the single ear headband. But, for those times when things get noisy which makes it hard to concentrate (and places a drag on worker productivity), then remove the single ear headband, and snap on the double ear band. You'll hear less of your background noise, concentrate better, and get more  done in the process.

There are other things that make this a nice headset to consider for use in a Contact Center. The microphone is professional grade which means you'll sound professional on calls, and the noise canceling microphone will help eliminate unwanted background noise. So your callers won't struggle to hear you.

It comes with a USB adapter for use with the leading UC applications, and it gives you a better, steadier wireless connection compared to connecting via Bluetooth.

It comes with an industry leading 3-year warranty too. And before you dismiss this as inconsequential, consider that you'll be protected for a longer period of time against anything that might happen to the headset. This means that when the other brands warranty drops off, leaving you exposed to unexpected costs, the Adapt 30 keeps you covered, and protected against the costs of replacements or repairs. So you have longer peace of mind, and you save money too.

And if you'd like  to save money on the Discover Adapt 30, make sure to use coupon code BLOG when shopping on our website, which is And if it's several that you need, we do have bulk pricing. Even if your budget is tight, you can still get the Discover Adapt 30 for your Contact Center, because we have an affordable headset lease program. Headsets start at just $2.00 per month, and that low monthly rate even includes replacement accessories, and your warranty never expires.

To learn more about the Discover  Adapt 30, or any of our programs, reach out to us at headset advisor to speak to one of our helpful, and friendly California based Advisors. We've been assisting customers since 1994, and we'd love to help you too.









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5 Reasons Why The Discover Adapt 30 Is A Perfect Headset For The Contact Center

5 Reasons Why The Discover Adapt 30 Is A Perfect Headset For The Contact Center

Doug Merritt