DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 17: I'm having the thought that
Ep. 17: I'm having the thought that

Ep. 17: I'm having the thought that

Update: 2020-12-11


Welcome to episode 17  of the Two Coach Confidence podcast. Our aim with this podcast is to bring fun and interesting guests from all areas and walks of life to share their knowledge, stories and experiences of this mystical and subjective topic we refer to as confidence.

In today's episode we are joined by Buddhist Monk Suryacitta. Suryacitta has been practicing meditation since 1989 and was ordained in 1999, during which he was given the name Suryacitta. He lived in a dedicated meditation retreat centre from 2001 - 2005. He is the author of five books on mindfulness, happiness and compassion including, Happiness and How it Happens - Finding Contentment through Mindfulness.

In this episode, we talk about,

  • Surya shares his fascinating journey to becoming a Buddhist Monk, including his time living in a retreat centre for 5 years.
  • We discuss that we all suffer from stress, pressure, and other unwanted emotions and yet in many instances these experiences are self inflicted. 
  • Surya shares the idea that the mind can use you, OR you can use the mind, and how this can relate to confidence.
  • Throughout the conversation Surya helps us to understand the power of reframing our thoughts and how to look at our human experience from an observational perspective.
  • We discuss that we are all addicted to our own thoughts and thinking and how this can be detrimental to us.
  • Surya shares the idea that thoughts hook us in, they’re a carrot. However, on many occasions they’re an empty promise.
  • Surya shares a wonderful story from which he created the concept of “nexting” and how so many of us suffer from always thinking about what’s next.
  • We explore the idea that when we truly begin to feel, we can begin to heal.
  • Similar to other guests Surya identifies that change has to be something individuals want to do, it can’t be forced.
  • During the episode we touch on the mind being a tool. A tool which we can learn to pick up and put down as and when we need it.
  • Surya shares that pauses are the forgotten medicine, and that they are completely free.
  • We explore the statement, I’m having the thought that….. And how this little sentence can transform your life.

This episode is packed full of wisdom, ideas and wonderful stories to help us challenge and reflect on the way we think. Kerry and I won’t lie, we had a wonderful time being in Surya’s presence and listening to him generously share his experiences. Bizarrely we don’t actually delve too deep into the idea of confidence, instead we just let the conversation flow. This is a very special episode for so many reasons, Kerry and I are extremely excited for everyone who takes the opportunity to listen to this episode.

Please Enjoy!

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Ep. 17: I'm having the thought that

Ep. 17: I'm having the thought that