DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 31: With alignment comes more confidence
Ep. 31: With alignment comes more confidence

Ep. 31: With alignment comes more confidence

Update: 2021-10-22


Hey Everyone,

In today's episode we are joined by Mairi Taylor, aka, The Menopause Rockstar! With over 20 years in the corporate world and 18 plus in wellbeing, Mairi’s mission is to support, empower and educate women on all things menopause. 

A Home Economist, ex Human Resource Manager, Pilates and Pelvic floor specialist, Kettlercise ® instructor, Women’s Health Coach specialising in hormonal wellbeing, Biomechanics Coach, Juice Therapist and Aromatherapist as well as a dōTERRA® Educator and Wellness Advocate. Mairi has developed a wonderful blend of everything she knows in order to create a unique experience wherever you are in your personal lifecycle.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Helping women re write their story about the Menopause and how this relates to confidence
  • The surprising truth about what the Menopause is, and is not, and how the lack of understanding about it impacts women
  • The fascinating world of hormones, and how changes in hormonal balance can lead to feelings of anxiety and low confidence
  • How Mairi’s confidence was knocked multiple times through listening to others state her voice wasn't valuable
  • Mairi kindly shares the story of how she came to know that she had been born out of wedlock and the impact that had on her 
  • Mairi discusses how she use to be confident about the way she looked, and now she is confident about who she is!
  • We explore the need Mairi had for other people's approval, and how that impacted her mindset about showing up as herself
  • We discuss the very common issue of “not being enough” and how Mairi has rewritten her narrative about being “enough”
  • Towards the end of the episode Mairi shares with us the idea of setting graceful barriers, and how powerful this has been for her confidence

Mairi is wonderfully passionate and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. This episode is packed with insights and takes us in a very different direction than we’ve previously been. This topic continues to surprise us, and provide us with new ways in which to think about confidence. Male or female, the content that Mairi shares throughout this episode will be of benefit at some point. 

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Ep. 31: With alignment comes more confidence

Ep. 31: With alignment comes more confidence

Mairi Taylor