DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 35: Everyone in the queue has their own story
Ep. 35: Everyone in the queue has their own story

Ep. 35: Everyone in the queue has their own story

Update: 2022-03-11


Hey Everyone,

In today's episode we are joined by Fiona Setch. Having had a successful first career in Nursing, specialising in caring for people who were dying, Fiona is passionate about helping people reach their potential in life, and especially enjoyment in work.

With twenty eight years experience of designing & delivering inspiring and innovative learning strategies; Fiona provides high quality development opportunities tailored to the needs of the organisation, team and individual.

Fiona is renowned for her enthusiastic, inspiring and motivational delivery style as a coach, supervisor, trainer and public speaker.

In this episode, we discuss;

  • Fiona takes us right back to when she left the UK to work in Italy at just 18, and how that experience helped shape her confidence
  • That everything you do, is going to contribute to who you become, and what you end up doing
  • If you’re going to take the time to study anything, make sure it’s something that you love!
  • How Fiona has created unique offerings in her business, one such example being that of Retirement Coaching
  • How being made redundant can significantly impact your confidence, and how reframing the language around that experience can help
  • Fiona’s experience of working with individuals with HIV and Aids, and how angry she had become about the judgment she was witnessing at the time
  • We hear all about Fiona’s 23 years of caring for her mother, who sadly died in her nursing home during the first wave of Covid 
  • We take a short detour into understanding what coaching is, and isn’t, and why it’s important to know this if you’re thinking of investing in a coach
  • For the first time on the podcast we openly discuss the pandemic and how we collectively experienced the challenges it has brought
  • The struggle of transitioning her face to face business on to an online platform during the pandemic and the lack of confidence Fiona experienced using technology
  • Towards the end of the episode we find our way to discussing death, and how critical it is to have the confidence to discuss death with our loved ones

At times this episode hits some incredibly hard hitting, but real life issues that all three of us agree aren’t being discussed enough. There’s silence in places, as we process and contemplate how to take the conversation forward. Fiona shares very recent and real examples of losses she has experienced, and how she has managed to keep moving forward. 

It was a genuine privilege to hold a space for this conversation. Fiona is lighthearted, funny, and has so many wonderful stories to listen to. There is so much to take from this episode, perhaps not specifically about confidence, maybe more about life.

Please enjoy!

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Ep. 35: Everyone in the queue has their own story

Ep. 35: Everyone in the queue has their own story

Fiona Setch