DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 22: Keeping a promise to yourself
Ep. 22: Keeping a promise to yourself

Ep. 22: Keeping a promise to yourself

Update: 2021-04-16


Hey Everyone,

For the second time on the show we welcome back a previous guest. Due to the rich and diverse conversation we had with this guest the first time round, we thought it only right to invite   today's guest back for another episode. It’s our pleasure to welcome Adams' former coach Robbie Swale.

Just in case you haven't listened to episode 14, here's a recap of who Robbie is. Robbie trained as a coach with The Coaching School in London and later with many other masters who support people to fulfil their potential. Robbie has provided coaching, training and facilitation for: Swiss Re, The University of Edinburgh, BetterUp (and through them many of the most forward-thinking companies in the world) and King’s College London. Robbie predominantly works one-on-one with leaders and entrepreneurs who are grappling with the complexity of the modern world.

In this episode we talk about,

  • Robbies journey to creating his 12 minute writing practice and the importance this has played in his confidence
  • The importance of creating some sort of creative practice no matter how big or small, and the connection this has to confidence
  • We discuss the magic all humans have to create something from nothing
  • The fragility of confidence, and for Robbie his fragility to speak and share more of himself with the world
  • How Robbie based his decision to share his writing initially on LinkedIn, as at the time he believed it wasn’t a platform many people used
  • We discuss that humans are writing more than ever, with email, texts, instant messages and therefore it’s not necessarily a writing practice that's the problem for people wanting share their work or more of themselves
  • Robbie shares the challenges he often has around feeling sad and fragile in a morning and the routine he’s created to improve his state before engaging with the wider world 
  • We discuss what Robbie refers to as the “vulnerability hangover” and what lies after the hangover subsides
  • The topic of COVID enters the conversation, and how our perception of confidence in a safe vaccine is developed through trust in things most of us know nothing about
  • As we come to the end of the conversation Robbie shares the idea of re committing, and the power re committing has for many areas of our lives

Another wonderful conversation full of feeling and vulnerability. Robbie is clearly a deep thinker and has found a real gift for sharing his thoughts through a cathartic writing practice. There’s a number of principles and ideas which Robbie has created which can be picked up and shaped for various areas of life, not least developing confidence even when there’s a sense of fragility. 

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Ep. 22: Keeping a promise to yourself

Ep. 22: Keeping a promise to yourself

Robbie Swale