DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 18: The Power of Taking Tiny Steps
Ep. 18: The Power of Taking Tiny Steps

Ep. 18: The Power of Taking Tiny Steps

Update: 2021-01-22


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to episode 18 of the Two Coach Confidence podcast. Our aim with this podcast is to bring fun and interesting guests from all areas and walks of life to share their knowledge, stories and experiences of this mystical and subjective topic we refer to as confidence.

In today's episode we are joined by the award winning Entrepreneur, Cherish Reardon. Cherish is owner of Popsy Clothing and over the last three years has built a community of over 85,000 women. Previously a stay at home mum with anxiety, Cherish now promotes body positivity and is passionate about helping women feel more confident. She has worked with Gok Wan, designed a dress for the Brit Awards and her designs have been seen on numerous tv shows including This Morning, Mock The Week and The One Show. 

In this episode, we talk about,

  • Cherish’s journey with confidence and anxiety, and how this has dramatically changed over the years, having grown up being affectionately known as little Miss Chatterbox.
  • How being seriously bullied at high school significantly impacted Cherish’s relationship with confidence, and her life in general.
  • Cherish shares how the idea of selling online to avoid job interviews has led her to founding, and developing an online retail business.
  • The fear of passing our challenges and struggles with confidence on to our children, and that this is at the core of why Cherish pushes herself to show up even when she’s nervous and scared.
  • Cherish shares that there were times when she literally struggled ordering food in restaurants, and that public environments were something she actively avoided. 
  • The responsibility to lead her 85,000 strong community and demonstrate that even though she may not always feel confident it’s something that she continually works on.
  • That Cherish previously thought of confidence as something you either are, or are not. 
  • How Cherish routinely sets little challenges to push herself outside of her comfort zone, and how this has led to increasing her confidence incrementally over time.
  • How powerful it has been for Cherish to share her struggles and challenges about anxiety and low levels of confidence.
  • How things as simple as sizing of clothes can dramatically impact people's confidence and how she has managed that with her own business.

Softly spoken, with a very warm and generous energy, Cherish was an absolute pleasure to have on the show. There is no doubt that there is something in this episode for anyone who can identify and relate to struggling with their confidence. Whether we like it or not, it’s becoming very clear to Kerry and I that certain experiences during our formative years can have a dramatic impact on our relationship with confidence. 

The good news is it doesn’t have to define your way forward in life. The guests we are lucky enough to have joined us are proof that if you want to have more confidence in any given area of your life, it’s absolutely within your gift. 

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Ep. 18: The Power of Taking Tiny Steps

Ep. 18: The Power of Taking Tiny Steps