DiscoverTwo Coach PodcastEp. 32: Confidence can be Overrated
Ep. 32: Confidence can be Overrated

Ep. 32: Confidence can be Overrated

Update: 2021-11-05


Hey Everyone,

In today's episode we are joined by Marissa Fernandez. Marissa is a coach, consultant, and seasoned marketing executive. Marissa currently coaches leaders to define and accelerate towards their own definition of success in work and life. Leaping off the corporate ladder and into coaching has provided her unprecedented levels of fulfillment, and it’s her mission to help others achieve that as well.

She recently served as Drive Shack Inc.’s first Chief Marketing Officer, where she oversaw all marketing, community relations, and PR efforts for the growing brand. Prior to Drive Shack, Marissa spent over 5 seasons at the National Football League (NFL). As Vice President of Marketing and Fan Development at the NFL, Marissa led fan acquisition, marketing for the league’s major tentpole events cause programs, and US Hispanic and Youth Marketing.

Prior to the NFL, Marissa served as a Client Solutions Senior Director at Collage Group, consulting with dozens of brands to develop or enhance their multicultural marketing strategies, including the NFL, NBA, ESPN, The Walt Disney Company, Hershey’s, and Univision. Marissa began her career in brand management at Procter & Gamble, where she learned the brand building fundamentals working on powerhouse brands like Tide and Gillette.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The belief about corporate careers being safe and secure and how this didn’t end up being the case for Marissa
  • How taking the time to define herself has significantly improved her overall confidence, and why this is something Marissa a huge advocate of
  • We explore what Marissa defines as, “grind culture” and how its popularisation is causing many individuals to become mentally ill 
  • Marissa shares how she came to realise that outside sources aren’t always reliable, and  how investing time to explore her inner world made a huge difference to her confidence
  • We explore how we define what our own “truth” is, specifically about how we look at confidence
  • Marissa shares with us the wonderful idea of “colouring within the lines”, and how this can develop our inner confidence
  • How courage creates confidence, and Marissa’s blueprint to build courage
  • We discuss the idea that confidence isn’t binary, as in, you either have it or you don't!
  • Towards the end of the episode Marissa provides us with a beautiful statement which really resonated with all of us. “There’s always something more powerful after confidence!”

We are truly blessed when it comes to the guests we have joining us on the show, and this episode is no different. Marissa has achieved an incredible amount of success and has a real humbleness to her character. If you’ve found yourself chasing the accolade of success and wondering what it takes to get there, this episode has something genuine and honest for you. You may or may not like the answers you find, but they have been real for Marissa. 

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Ep. 32: Confidence can be Overrated

Ep. 32: Confidence can be Overrated

Marissa Fernandez