Duolingo’s Luis von Ahn — A masterclass in crowdsourcing

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Here For You:Forever35

Here For You


Staying In with Emily & Kumail:Three Uncanny Four/HyperObject Industries

Staying In with Emily & Kumail

Three Uncanny Four/HyperObject Industries

Meditative Story:WaitWhat + Thrive Global

Meditative Story

WaitWhat + Thrive Global

Home Cooking:Samin Nosrat & Hrishikesh Hirway

Home Cooking

Samin Nosrat & Hrishikesh Hirway

Staff Favorites

Bookable:Loud Tree Media


Loud Tree Media

MindShape:Joey Braun & Avery Chatman


Joey Braun & Avery Chatman

Ordinary Equality:Wonder Media Network

Ordinary Equality

Wonder Media Network

Indie Picks

Just Na Science:Nicholas Volpe

Just Na Science

Nicholas Volpe

Private Parts Unknown (FKA Reality Bytes):Private Parts Unknown | Pleasure Podcasts

Private Parts Unknown (FKA Reality Bytes)

Private Parts Unknown | Pleasure Podcasts

Controller Disconnected:Controller Disconnected

Controller Disconnected

Controller Disconnected

Listening Archive:Listening Archive

Listening Archive

Listening Archive

Elaine's Cooking For The Soul:Makenzie Mizell, Alli Schleisman

Elaine's Cooking For The Soul

Makenzie Mizell, Alli Schleisman


FiveThirtyEight Politics:FiveThirtyEight, 538, ESPN, Nate Silver

FiveThirtyEight Politics

FiveThirtyEight, 538, ESPN, Nate Silver

The Rubin Report:Dave Rubin / Westwood One Podcast Network

The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin / Westwood One Podcast Network


Bobbycast:Nashville Podcast Network


Nashville Podcast Network

That Classical Podcast:That Classical Podcast

That Classical Podcast

That Classical Podcast

No Jumper:No Jumper

No Jumper

No Jumper

Popcast:The New York Times


The New York Times

Health & Fitness

Sleep With Me:Dearest Scooter and Night Vale Presents

Sleep With Me

Dearest Scooter and Night Vale Presents

Savage Lovecast:Dan Savage

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage

Therapy for Black Girls:Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D.

Therapy for Black Girls

Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D.


Kids & Family

The Music Box:Louisville Public Media

The Music Box

Louisville Public Media

Chrisley Confessions:Todd and Julie Chrisley

Chrisley Confessions

Todd and Julie Chrisley

Parent Trapped:Common Sense Media

Parent Trapped

Common Sense Media

Read-Aloud Revival:Sarah Mackenzie

Read-Aloud Revival

Sarah Mackenzie

Society & Culture

Radiolab:WNYC Studios


WNYC Studios

Broke Girl Therapy:Stefanie Maegan

Broke Girl Therapy

Stefanie Maegan

S-Town:Serial & This American Life


Serial & This American Life

Revisionist History:Pushkin Industries

Revisionist History

Pushkin Industries